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Manufacturing Anteo Tail Lifts

Anteo SPA, based in Molinella, Italy, was set up in 1969 to produce hydraulic cylinders and other hydraulic components. Over three decades of experience have enabled Anteo to cater for the latest requirements of the transport industry with the introduction of a range of tail lifts.

Constant development of innovative high tec applications and a tremendous amount of experience accumulated over years of design and production has seen anteo grow to become a leading force in modern tail lift design.

The Process

Anteo's products are designed using CAD stations to all relevant EC standards. All incoming materials are rigorously tested to check for quality and acceptance tested before being used in production. Hydraulic cylinders are produced and tested whilst the tail lift platforms are constructed. The unit is then sandblasted and painted in specially constructed booths. Power unit oil tanks are filled and final testing is performed with real weights, before finally being shipped to their destination.


Products are designed using CAD workstations


Materials are acceptance tested


Final testing with real weights