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FREE painting of your tail lifts when you order 10 or more (in one order). For lower quantities there is a sliding scale of charge. Click for details.

Foot Control 1. Foot Control

Trolley Stop (x2)2. Trolley Stop

Thumb2. 6-point Trolley Stop

Thumb3. Flush-mounted Control Panel


The CE conformity is subject to the following conditions:

If the tail lift is to be used as a bridge between the truck and the loading dock, then outriggers must be fitted and used. If a moveable load, without its own braking system for the wheels, is to be used on the tail lift then trolley stops are to be ordered with the tail lift.

  1. Foot control
  2. Automatic trolley stops. Different positions available on demand
  3. Flush panel control
  4. Wander lead
  5. Hydraulic stabiliser legs
  6. Seals for closing platform to body (cantilever tail lift only)
  7. Tractor or trailer electrical coupling and wiring
  8. Folding cantilever platform for dropsided body
  9. Platform extension for door furniture